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Dating for 3 years no engagement

They were able to plan their ideal wedding, with enough time to save some money seeking out the most cost-efficient options.

Says Michelle: "Any longer, and I would have gotten really impatient.

Dan says: "Both Emma and I wanted me to be significantly closer to finishing my dissertation by the time of the wedding: having prospective employment is a good thing." They're also set on one particular venue, which rarely rents out for events.

While they admit that tradional family members on both sides are perplexed by their wait time, Rachel Sussman, New York City-based therapist and relationship expert, is on their side: "It's good for couples to know each other for at least a year to two years before they get married.

For me, about 10 to 12 months of engagement is the sage choice."She also recalls more than a few friends who had waited longer, and then suffered post-nuptial "wedding withdrawal" after the big day came and went.Michelle and Daniel, who dated on and off for 10 years ("two adult years," clarifies Michelle) before getting engaged.The two are now married, and she maintains that their wait time — 11 months — was the perfect length."They'd had so much time to obsess over it and and plan it, it was completely consuming, and then it was just... They had no idea what to do with themselves." The Short: Jessica and Kale, both in their late twenties, dated for four months before getting engaged. Most of her family is supportive, says Jessica: "They've known me long enough and seen me date a bunch of guys I felt "meh" about to know my feelings are true and real and enduring." However, there are naysayers — among them, one of Jessica's sisters."I've sensed from a couple people that they think Kale and I are moving too fast in the way they've responded to our engagement.

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It was perfect, in our home that we love with our little son.” The duo were also in no rush to get married and hadn’t yet picked out a date, Pope added. We want to take our time with planning and enjoy being engaged,” she said.